Anterra’s extensive networks of owners and brokers, local market knowledge and in-depth operating experience with multi-family properties makes us positioned to help clients realize their investment goals through strategically timed acquisitions.

Anterra offers a full spectrum of real estate acquisition services to meet both the short and long-term objectives of our clients including property identification, purchase price negotiation, due diligence, operating, capital budgets, and all aspects of closing.

Anterra’s due diligence services identify operational and physical problems for prospective buyers including the operating, capital, marketing, and financial issues of a property. Anterra has performed due diligence for over 25,000 multi-family units using a team approach to provide the most comprehensive findings and expert recommendations in a short turnaround time.

Since 2010, Anterra has advised three different out-of-state investors on the acquisition of fifteen properties totaling over 4,821 units in Texas with purchase prices in excess of $100 million.

WILLIAM H. BROWN M.D.Hillsborough, CA
"As a resident of California, there is considerable trepidation about real estate investing in Texas. With over 50 years of collective management experience, Anterra always knew either the property or specific issues of a location that were unknown to us. With Anterra’s assistance, it has been a perfect score for us on our apartment investments."